Conservation measures for the Eurasian otter in the Czech Republic

Otter shot by poacher in Oleksovice near Znojmo

Dead otter was found in Oleksovice near Znojmo. Autopsy made by Václav Beran from ALKA Wildlife revealed, that the animal was seriously wounded by shooting and then hit by car. The otter was shot by 11 small shots and must have been wounded and suffering for days before finally, exhausted and confused, got into collision with a car, far from any stream or river.

As we have already published, this is not the first case of otter illegal killing in the Czech Republic, we estimate about dozens of otter illegal killing cases every year. However, only small proportion of these cases are revealed, recorded and investigated by the Police. ALKA Widllife therefore already tightened cooperation with Ministry of Environment and Police Wildlife Crimes Forces – see our previous statements at

The poachers come of the owners of ponds and fishermen who see otter as a rival predator who hunts their fish stock. “Although otter is our native predator, fishermen very frequently do not accept that and want otter to be eradicated again, due to damages on fish stock. Even though the Czech Republic pays compensation for damages caused by otters,” says Katerina Poledníková from ALKA Wildlife. “ALKA Wildlife activities therefore also focus on decreasing the conflict between otter and fishermen, by doing the assessment of damages caused by otters and by development of technical equipment for prevention of otter damages.

A small shot in the otter skin.

Small shots in muscles of the otter head.